Quick Answer: What Does Highline Mean?

What is a transporter Highline?

The Transporter Highline is at top end of the specification spectrum in the VW Transporter range.

This classy, high spec transporter has some outstanding features as standard.

The majority of our Transporter WASPs start life as a Highline Kombi or Highline Panel Van..

What does Tiguan BMT mean?

Bluemotion TechnologyThe BlueMotion is a range of innovative energy-saving technologies, from the automatic start/stop to low rolling resistance tyres. … They work alongside the diesel engines and gearboxes to cut fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions.

What is comfortline vs trendline?

You will find the basics in the entry-level Trendline version, however. The Comfortline is better-endowed, featuring automatic emergency braking, pedestrian monitoring, blind spot detection with rear traffic alert, etc. The highline comes with park assist and options like the 360-degree backup camera.

What does BMT stand for on a VW?

BlueMotion TechnologyBlueMotion Technology (BMT) is available on both the 84hp and 114hp versions of VW’s stalwart Transporter, with a variety of body lengths and heights and a range of gross weights.

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What does line mean in slang?

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What does Highline BMT mean?

VW’s BlueMotion TechnologyVW’s BlueMotion Technology (BMT) kit is also standard, adding start/stop technology, regenerative braking and low rolling resistance tyres.

What is VW Highline?

reviews. The Volkswagen Passat range has been tweaked with the arrival of new Highline trim, which replaces the current SE model. Adding to the SE’s equipment list, the Highline brings a touch-screen sat-nav system, front and rear parking sensors, dual-zone climate control and 17-inch ‘Sao Paolo’ alloys.

Is 4Motion the same as 4wd?

4Motion is simply Volkswagen’s brand name for its cars that have four-wheel-drive. This means that the engine drives power to all four wheels, as opposed to two-whee-drive cars where the engine delivers power to two wheels only, usually the front wheels.

What is Trendline Comfortline and Highline?

highline comes with audio system, airbags and abs system, comfortline is midpriced version and comes in many colours, trendline is basic model only white and red colour available, power windows only at front.

What does take a line mean?

Take lines can refer to using someone else’s work, usually as a form of plagiarism, while take a line can also refer to using drugs, especially cocaine.

What is a highline car?

There is no official definition of the term “Highline Automobile”. … At Internet Autos, we use the term “Highline Automobile (Motor Car)” to define the most nimble, fastest, and innovative machines on the road.

Is Highline better than trendline?

Electric windows and heated electric mirrors are standard, but Trendline adds an armrest, side door storage and additional sound deadening. Opting for top-spec Highline adds a heated windscreen, automatic lights and wipers, climate control and a leather-covered steering wheel.