Quick Answer: Is Selling On Chrono24 Safe?

Where can I sell my watch for cash?

The places to sell watches for cashCraigslist.Facebook Marketplace.Personal Social Media Channels (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube.Value Your Watch Marketplace.Jan 28, 2020.

Which Omega watch is best investment?

Omega Speedmaster investment If you are looking to buy a Speedmaster for investment, the safest bet is always to go for the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. It’s simply a classic that will always have demand, and which have proven to be a good investment.

Which watch brands hold value best?

Here are a few brands whose watches tend to hold their value quite well on the secondhand market:Rolex.Patek Philippe.Audemars Piguet.Jaeger-LeCoultre.Vacheron Constantin.

What percentage does Chrono24 take?

6.5%There is no listing fee to use Chrono24. The account is free and the listing is free. The fee for selling as an individual seller is 6.5% of the total value of the sale. For example, if you sell Rolex Submariner for $10,000, you will pay $650 a selling fee.

Is Chrono24 GREY market?

These dealers, in turn, are able to sell the unworn watches at large discounts via their own sales channels, e.g., their own shops or online platforms like Chrono24. These so-called gray market dealers frequently source watches from abroad. … The watches are real and often come with their original box and papers.

How do I find the value of my watch?

The only definitive way to find out how much your watch is worth is to have it professionally valued. While you can take it to your local jewellers and they’ll probably give you an estimate, if some cursory research indicates that your watch is likely worth a substantial amount, you should consult a watch specialist.

Which watches are the best investment?

Rolex: GMT, Reference 1675. … Rolex: Daytona, Reference 16520. … Rolex: Submariner, Reference 16800. … Patek Philippe: Nautilus, Reference 3700. … Longines Vintage Chronograph, circa 1940-1950s. … Omega Speedmaster, Reference 2998-2. … Audemars Piguet: Royal Oak, Reference 5402. … Rolex: Gilt-dial Submariner, Reference 5513.More items…

How do I sell my Chrono24 watch?

How to Quickly and Securely Sell Your Watch on Chrono24Find a buyer.Use our secure payment processing.Send the item insured.Complete the sale.

Is Crown caliber reliable?

I sold a few of my watches using Crown and Caliber, great customer service! I haven’t bought any pieces from them, but I can say my watches were in very good condition and were represented accurately, so buyers shouldn’t worry about making a purchase. They have high standards!

Can you negotiate on Chrono24?

Chrono24 is nothing more than where a seller can post their wares. The site does not guarantee any sales and is just putting buyers & sellers together. You negotiate directly with the seller with no involvement from Chrono24, you are basically on your own with no protection.

Where is Chrono24 located?

KARLSRUHEHEADQUARTERS IN KARLSRUHE Our headquarters in and on the Hoepfner Castle are located in the heart of Karlsruhe, the bastion of innovative IT solutions in Germany. This is where we are writing our own success story.

Which watches hold their value?

Watches That Hold Their ValuePatek Philippe.Rolex.Audemars Piguet.Cartier Paris.Vacheron Constantin.A. Lange & Söhne.Jaeger-Lecoultre.Montblanc.More items…

Are Rolex watches a Good Investment?

Rolex watches are among the most prestigious watch brands in the world and to reflect their quality, precision and style they equally have a prestigious price tag. Not only are Rolex watches high value but their value can also increase, making them a great investment.

Is it safe to buy from Chrono24?

Chrono24 has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to dealers listing counterfeit watches. … Watches from luxury brands like Rolex, Breitling, and others rarely sell for only a few hundred dollars. If you have any doubts, you should refrain from making a purchase. Prices that seem too good to be true probably are.

Do you pay sales tax on Chrono24?

Because we are collectors and not jewelers, we’re willing to pay more for watches we and sell them at much lower prices. … We charge 7.50% sales tax for residents in Georgia only. This tax is added on top of the price listed. We do not charge sales tax for customers residing in other states.