Quick Answer: Is Romwe Clothing Good Quality?

Is Romwe from China?

Romwe.com was one of the web’s first online stores and has been helping the fashion-conscious look fabulous since 2008.

Based in China, Romwe offers the latest street style dresses, coats, boots and others more..

Does Shein steal your information?

Women’s fashion retailer SHEIN has suffered a major security breach that has exposed the personal information and passwords of over six million customers.

Where is Romwe shipped from?

At the moment, ROMWE have five warehouses located in California, New Jersey, China, Dubai and Belgium. Products will be sent from one of these warehouses according to the stock availability as well as the principle of proximity.

Who is Shein owned by?

Chris XuChris Xu, also known as YangTian Xu is the CEO of SHEIN. Chris Xu founded SHEIN in 2008. Currently, SHEIN provides e-commerce services to more than 220 countries and regions around the world.

Is Romwe good quality clothes?

Yes, Romwe is a legitimate website and clothing store. They are a web-based, fast-fashion retailer that delivers around the world. You’ve probably seen their cute clothes advertised at super low prices and wondered whether it’s too good to be true While some of the deals do seem hard to believe, they are totally real.

Is it safe to buy from Romwe?

Sadly, many problems and inconsistencies have been found in both Romwe’s products and practices and it has proven better to avoid shopping with them at all.

Is Romwe a ripoff?

Romwe is an international women’s clothing site out of China that sells cute clothes for dirt cheap. … Does Romwe make the cut? Well, they’re a real fashion retail website. I am wearing Romwe clothes right now, so they do legitimately make and sell clothes.

Does Shein have good quality clothing?

SHEIN Clothing Quality Some stuff is fantastic in the quality department, and some stuff is subpar. I’ve received multiple items that I just adored, but some items kept me wanting more and felt like they were made of confusing and thin fabric.

Is Romwe safe for debit cards?

Romwe is safe for debit cards.

Why is Romwe bad?

The rise in fast fashion has seen clothing price drop but also product quality. All of the pieces on Romwe are extremely affordable, with some pieces as cheap as a few cents. … To have the products so cheap, there is a compromise on quality that must be taken into account.

Does Romwe or Shein ship faster?

Shippping terms and price Standard shipping time (appr.) So, now we can answer the question “Does Shein and Zaful ship faster?”. The shipping is the fastest on Zaful. On Romwe, there’s also 1 more shipping option – Flat Rate Shipping (US$3.99; free on orders over US$9.90; the shipping time up to 23 days).

Is Romwe jewelry good?

The jewelry is very cheap but if you keep good care of it you shouldn’t have a problem. For the clothing… I would always recommend sizing up. … It may seem cheap and like a great deal but the clothes you receive look NOTHING like they did online.

Is Romwe banned in India?

India has effectively banned 59 Chinese apps. … Out of the 59 apps, the two apps that have caught the attention of all the ladies is Shein & Romwe. While the decision to ban the apps has received a lot of support and appreciation, we do understand the sadness some of you may be feeling for your favorite shopping apps.